Green Coffee Oil

The production of green coffee oil is made by cold pressing the green coffee beans without the addition of solvents. These grains come directly from the coffee fields of Xangrilá Farm, without risk of cross contamination, thus guaranteeing the origin and traceability of the final product.

 Traceability Guarantee 

 Use in Cosmetics 

The coffee oil, used to prevent the breakdown of soluble coffee granules and to confer aroma to various food products, now also stands out in the cosmetic industry as active of several items, promoting hydration of the skin.

Composed of triglycerides and unsaponifiable matter, the coffee oil contains linoleic acid (OMEGA 6) with the highest concentration.


The richness in unsaponifiable materials is responsible for the cosmetic properties of moisture retention, penetration and adhesion on the skin.


Studies show that coffee oil can be used as an activator of sunscreens, as spectrophotometric analysis has allowed the identification of a considerable curve of absorbance at the wavelength that most causes damage to the human skin, from 290 to 320 nm.r


Dry Green Coffee Extract

The production of green coffee oil is made by pressing the green coffee beans, cold and without adding solvents.


In this procedure, besides the oil, we obtain the green coffee powder. The centesimal and mineral composition of this material remained like the characteristics of coffee, having several bioactive compounds, such as phenolic compounds (chlorogenic acid), alkaloids (trigonellin and caffeine) and vitamin C. Phenolic compounds are known for their antioxidant properties in vitro.

In coffee beans and green coffee powder, chlorogenic acid is considered the most important. This compound directly influences the performance of dopamine, a substance responsible for feelings of joy and well-being, and can act against depression.

Alkaloids, such as trigonelline and caffeine, are pharmacologically active nitrogen compounds.

Trigonelline is a precursor of vitamin B3 (niacin), important in reducing cholesterol, competing effectively with many medications, with the advantage of being natural and having no side effects.

Caffeine, the best-known component of the coffee, has the property of stimulating the central nervous system and heart muscle, and decreases sleep.


Vitamin C acts on strengthening the immune system, combats free radicals and increases the absorption of iron through the intestine.

The antioxidant activity of green coffee powder, showed a positive correlation with the content of phenolic compounds. This suggests that the phenolic compounds have a high capacity for free radical scavenging and iron reduction.

 Minerals compounds,

 Bioactive Compounds. 

In the mineral composition of green powdered coffee, we can find:


• Phosphor; 

• Potassium; 

• Calcium; 

• Magnesium; 

• Sulfur; 

• Boron; 

• Copper; 

• Manganese; 

• Zinc; 

• Iron.

In addition to the mentioned minerals, we find the following bioactive compounds in green powdered coffee:

• Total phenolic;

• Chlorogenic Acid;

• Trigonelline;

• Caffeine;

• Vitamin C.


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